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Current Version: 3.05
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License: Freeware
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Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine the two into a copier? You no longer need a real photo copier if you have Photocopier. This is how it goes: insert a document into your scanner, start Photocopier and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. That's it. No difficult settings to make, it's very user friendly.

This basic version of Photocopier is freeware. You may copy and distribute it as long as you don't make money from it and distribute it in its entirety. You can download it here.


  • A Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 or Windows 8 system.
  • A scanner that complies with the Twain standard (most scanners do).
  • A printer installed in Windows.


Version history:

Version 3.05:

  • You can now get Photocopier Pro for FREE via TrialPay!

Version 3.04:

  • Made some error messages more self-explanatory.

Version 3.03:

  • Fixed installation problem on some Vista machines: installer issued error messages about registering files STDOLE2.TLB and OLEAUT32.DLL.

Version 3.02:

  • Fixed bug which caused crash when running Photocopier from account with limited rights.

Version 3.01:

  • Fixed bug which could cause weird crashes.

Version 3.0:

  • New looks!
  • Enhanced error handling.
  • Extended help file.